We're the cozy cafe you come to year after year.



  • We're self-funded and profitable since our inception in 2004. We love this stuff and aren't trying to get bought.
  • We've never had a failed project (though we have been pulled in to save a few).
  • We specialize in the Microsoft stack, but have experience beyond "Redmond."
Microsoft Silver Partner

Welsh Technologies, Inc is a Microsoft Certified Partner. We've attained the Silver Application Development Partner level. For a small company like us, Silver is the top of the line.

Our Technical Skills

Time to present our geek credentials. (We put it off as long as we could.)
  • We're a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner.
  • We live and breathe .NET and SQL Server.
  • We prefer to write in C# or TypeScript. We've used VB since the 90's. Other languages find a home here, too.
  • We jumped into Angular 2+ and love using it for SPAs. It's not for every project, though.
  • We can develop for the web as effectively as we build mobile and desktop applications.
  • We think working with Entity Framework is an absolute treat, but we’re happy to get our hands dirty and write a stored procedure, too.
  • We don't have a single failed project in over 18 years of doing this type of work.


We use small to our advantage.

We have one level of account management. You will interact with the same team members for the duration of your project, greatly reducing operating costs and improving communication.

Our development teams are small, meaning we can easily adopt, train up on and implement the latest proven technologies - often months, or years, before our competitors. And when you come back to us to expand on your new toolset, we'll be here to take it to the next level. We've done it like this since 2004.

Our development team is seasoned, giving you nothing less than highly efficient senior level programmers responsible for building your new tools.

We believe the best way to enable your company to streamline and innovate is if we always do the same.